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All dogs bark sometimes, but constant or prolonged barking is usually a sign that a dog is unhappy. It starts with a bark or two. Barking can then become regular, and eventually constant and disruptive. This can be a difficult habit for a dog to break.

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As a neighbour you can help! It is common that the owner is unaware of the barking or is unaware that the barking is a nuisance to local residents. BarkUp! allows neighbours to anonymously notify the owner of barking incidents through an automatically generated letter. If the owner chooses to register on BarkUp! any future reports you make will be logged directly on the owner’s account.

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A letter is posted to the owner’s address with instructions for registering on the BarkUp! website. On their account owners can see further details about the time, duration and type of barking for all recorded incidents.

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As an owner you have a summary of all reported barking incidents on BarkUp!. You now have the opportunity to reply to the reporting neighbour by choosing from pre-set responses. This communication is anonymous. Now that you are registered on BarkUp! all further reports will go directly to your account and you will be notified by email. No further letters will be sent to your address.

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Unresolved barking issues need to be referred to your local council. Your council will require evidence of the nuisance barking before they will investigate. BarkUp! allows neighbours to escalate the issue by completing a 10-day diary. When the diary is complete BarkUp! will notify your local council on your behalf, and pass on all relevant information needed for further investigation.

What does BarkUp! do?

Bark Up!
Bark Up Dog

Bark Up! on a mission to help you and your neighbours work together to address barking dog activities to create a better living experience.

Speak Up!
Speak Up Dog

Speak Up!

An easy way to record and anonymously notify your neighbourhood dog owner of their dog's excessive barking.

How BarkUp! Works

Own Up!
Own up Dog

Own Up!

A simple way to find out how your dog is affecting your neighbours and learn how to keep your dog as happy as they can be!

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